Musician | Sound Designer | Occasional Human


I'm Cameron, better known as Venus Theory and I make a lot of noise.

I also make videos about stuff, things, and other endeavors on YouTube teaching you to do the same.

I work primarily as a sound designer, musician, and content creator working with top companies and brands to make sound libraries, presets, test new products, and create compelling content.

With my music, I blend a transcendent, cinematic sound with a haze of introspective, eclectic style and soaring atmospheres.

I look like this

I look like this

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Stuff I do

Product Demo tracks

Ready to share your product with the world but need some high quality demo tracks? I've worked with dozens of companies to deliver professional demos for everything from effect plugins to hardware synthesizers to DAW demo tracks!

Sound Design

Need some sounds for your new product release? Looking for some new content to add to your next product update? I'd be happy to help make some noise!

Video Content Production

Want to collaborate and make some awesome videos for your YouTube channel or get in touch about featuring a product on my channel? Let's do it!

I've Worked With

UVI | Arturia | Steinberg | Bitwig | Reason Studios | Kilohearts | Applied Acoustics Systems | ROLI | Hooktheory | Orchestral Tools | reFX | ILIO | Cherry Audio | PSP Audioware | Baby Audio | Loopmasters | FXpansion 
+many other awesome companies and services

And Released With...

Insight Music | Eeuphonious | hearwego | MOR Records | The Games We Play | MurkOOT | X-Sound  | Opera Infinita | Free Music Wave | Vibes Records | defkon 1 records

My Music

Want to use my music in your project? most tracks are copyright free!

contact me for details or licensing requests

Contact me

Reach out to say hey, request a tutorial, or ask a question! I'll get back to you as soon as possible!